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    Worship Banners

    This church wanted a mild "grunge" vibe for their worship banners that not only reflected a Godly focus, but would appeal to younger church members as well.

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    Updated Brand

    With Light and Life Christian School's new expansion program in full swing they were looking for a fresh and professional new brand & marketing materials to grow with them.

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    Creative & Clean Website

    This art studio requested a simple, clean design that showcased their events but also allowed clients & gallery owners to navigate with ease. See it here.

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    Restaurant Menu

    This logo and menu were designed to reflect a rustic, South American personality for a little Argentine bistro.

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    Wonky Web/Print Project

    This start-up wanted a novel & fun look for their logo, marketing collateral & website to match their funky business personality.

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    Forward in Faith Campaign Mailers

    The logo and 6" x 11" postcards were designed to communicate a more contemporary aesthetic for this church's "Forward in Faith" campaign in 2011.

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    Gerritsen Creative collaborated with Cobalt Moose Art Studios to produce these beautiful prints, combining western themed fine art with vintage typography and border designs.

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    Spiffy Branding

    We've design updated logos & identities-from-scratch that not only look professional, but success- fully attract our clients' target markets. Translation: more profits!

  • Dr. Seuss inspired architecture
    Lighthearted Architecture

    A kooky project in homage to Dr. Seuss involving fun with AutoCad, Illustrator & a dash of Photoshop. Won a first place at the San Diego County Fair. Who knew?

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    2010 Personalized Calendar

    Best of Show at the San Diego County Fair! This calendar puts to good use photos of dilapidated vehicles & miscellaneous junk to make an award-winning work of art.

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    Start Up Launch

    Renaissance Coaching Company launched their start-up with a fresh logo and a series of seminars marketed via a postcard with panache.

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    Tradeshow Displays

    RRA Products wanted an eye-catching look for their logo, labels, banners and table-top displays that would appeal to hardware retailers at national trade shows.

What Our Clients Are Saying

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kathi. Through her talents, creativity and hard work she was able to take ideas that we had and make them reality. She was positive and helpful, extremely attentive to our needs and thorough in her work. If someone is interested in creating a campaign, starting a brand, or looking to update their company's image, Gerritsen Creative is the design company to use.
~ David Wojnicki, Assistant Pastor,
Valley Center Community Church
Gerritsen Creative did a great and timely job on our logo, marketing materials and tradeshow booth for our newest product. The trade show was a huge success, and sales have increased due to Kathi's hard work. Thanks, Kathi!
~ Randy Rice, Sales/Marketing, RRA Products
Kathi is a highly intelligent and creative person. She is an excellent storyteller. She has the ability to integrate business, culture, the customer and financial success through image design and other media communications. I highly recommend her.
~ Michael The Renassance Coach, The Renaissance Coaching Company
Gerritsen Creative has provided Masson & Associates, Inc. a variety of graphic design services over the past year. Not only did Kathi provide a quality product but more importantly delivered on time and on budget. If you want a graphic designer that will provide nothing less than high quality and one that you can depend on, I would highly recommend Gerritsen Creative.
~ Deborah J. O'Grady, Masson & Associates, Inc.


Our Services

Graphic Design

Gerritsen Creative specializes in producing innovative and eye-catching web & print design tailored to suit your vision and goals. We are especially attuned to continuity of design so that your business image remains consistent, from web to print and back again.

  • Website Design
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Client training in Content Management Systems
  • Blog Design
  • Banner Ads
  • Print
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Brochure & Collateral Design
  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Banners & Signage
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Newsletters


Much of your business success relies on clear, concise copy for everything from email marketing to web or blog content. Gerritsen Creative will work to provide your company with results-driven communication designed to generate trust and excitement within your target audience.

  • Ad Copy
  • Website Content
  • Blog Content
  • Newsletter Copy
  • Press releases/ Media Communication

    Image Management

    Business identity management requires consistency. After creating or updating your business image, Gerritsen Creative works with you to ensure that your message remains an integral part of all subsequent web and print design products. We’ll create an environment in which your company personality and marketing goals can coalesce, evolve and improve while never losing sight of your recognizable, signature brand.

    • Updating web content
    • Supplementing blogs posts
    • Updating blog advertising content
    • Client training in Content & design continuity
    • Creating companion marketing materials that reflect a cohesive message

    About Us

    What We Do


    Every enterprise has a story. It’s your culture, your philosophy ~ something that communicates not just what you have to offer, but that you care deeply about your product, your service and your customer.

    Gerritsen Creative will design your story to your best advantage. Through words, images, color, shape and texture, in print and on the web, we strive to get your point across creatively, effectively and with panache.

    We sincerely believe that in business, presentation really is everything. With it, you’ll be set apart; without it, just a part of the crowd.

    So go ahead, drop us a line. Your initial consultation is free anyway (did somebody say free?) so you can't go wrong. Let's do this. Let's tell your success story.


    Who We Are

    Owner Kathi Gerritsen

    My name is Kathi and I'm the Owner/Founder /Fearless Leader of Gerritsen Creative. I've had my hand in graphics, art and writing for over 20 years ~ both hands, actually. Hands that have worked with real ink and really messy markers (super fun ~ I recommend it), hands that still remember typesetting and typewriters but have also become finger-clicking good with a mouse.

    I began this journey prepping large scale illustrations, booklets and technical drawings in the land planning industry. In between, I wrote feature articles, edited business letters and sales brochures, and even ghost-wrote an essay published in a national magazine. All that wasn't dangerous enough so I partnered with my sister to form a faux painting and mural business. I found myself hanging from multi-story scaffolding wielding a No. 7 artist’s brush to reach that last...little...dot. We painted everything from electrical outlets to kids’ fairy castles to dog runs for wealthy Doberman Pinschers. It was great. But after several years of digging paint out from under my fingernails it made sense to ease back into the graphics field. I polished and multiplied my computer skills, leveraged features writing into copywriting, and hung the Gerritsen Creative shingle in 2011. I set about designing logos, trade show materials, web advertising and marketing collateral, and wrote and edited web content, all with both arms closed and one eye tied behind my back.

    Since then, I've partnered with marketing specialists, business advisors and other Creatives to expand the services offered at Gerritsen Creative and to better equip clients with information they can use to maximize their success.

    My passion for design and writing ~ along with an Old School attitude toward professional and personal responsibility ~ ensures that Gerritsen Creative provides quality, every time. Success by design isn't just a tagline, it's my mission.

    How We Do What We Do


    The best methodologies are designed to get results. So whether you need a simple brochure or a more sophisticated website or even a full image package to keep your marketing message consistent and effective, a well-oiled modus operandi remains constant. Size doesn’t matter. Results do.

    • We start by asking that you provide a short description of the project you’re considering.
    • Armed with this overview, we’ll set up a (Free! Yes! Free!) initial consultation in order to learn more about your project and the direction and goals for your company. At this point, we do a lot of listening. The intention is to get to know you and your project better, as well your company and your goals. The more we know the better we can tailor a proposal designed to garner the greatest return on your investment.
    • Methodology Graphic
    • When we’re all on the same page, Gerritsen Creative will get busy digging deeper by researching and analyzing your company culture, your customers and your competition. (Mom always told us that “Knowledge is Power”. We tend to agree with Mom.)
    • Then, we’ll brainstorm ideas with you. Most likely, these ideas will be in the form of sketches, outlines and strategies. There will probably be some tweaking or even rethinking ~ just part of the process. Collectively, we’ll arrive at the right image, packaging or branding that will help capture and retain your best customer.
    • The production phase will involve design, copywriting, coding, dotting i’s, crossing t’s, etc. We’ll make sure you are integrated into the process so that you receive exactly what you expected when the dust settles.
    • Finally, we’ll partner with you on future projects, delivering quality print and web products that continue to reflect a cohesive, signature business image. We’ll help you build recognition and trust designed to bring customers back, time and again.

    If your project is ambitious or particularly complex, we might add a few bullet points and maybe even some sub-bullet points. But you get the idea: we’re a company that prefers to come alongside you rather than pull a wham-bam design out of a hat that has little chance of garnering success and profits for your enterprise. Quick and dirty might cost less but what good is it if it doesn’t work for you?

    We choose to invest in a relationship with you. We prefer to provide our clients with consistent, reliable image design and management that sends the right message, tells the right story, and captures the right customers.

    That’s our method ~ success by design. Oh, did we say that already?